Bungee Art

Families, come in on October 25 at 4:30 PM for bungee art! Kiddos will get “bungees,” dip them into paint and make marvelous designs. The program will be held outside as long as weather permits. If it is too cold Read More …

Ghoulish Gallery Paint Night

person wearing white halloween costume and sunglasses

October 24 is Ghoulish Gallery Paint Night! Kids in grades 4-6 can join us at 4:30 PM a ghoulishly great night painting a ghostly canvas for Halloween. Miss Nicole will instruct painters step-by-step and provide snacks. Register online or call Read More …

Teen Acrylic Pouring Art

abstract background with blue stains

Make some vibrant and beautiful marbled art! On August 31 at 6:30 PM, teens in grades 7-12 will listen to music and learn the magic of acrylic pouring medium on canvas. Register online or call 412-269-0334.

Kids Spinning Art

pain brushes inside clear plastic cups

Kids in grades 3-6 can join us outside for an artistic blast! Tomorrow at 4:30 PM, kids will make paint pendulums, throw paint, and more. Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.

Art Challenge Night

pain brushes inside clear plastic cups

Kids in grades 3-6 can join us for a wild night of art challenges! This Thursday at 4:30 PM, Miss Nicole will throw the creative gauntlet while you learn to art in a new way. We might even try to Read More …

Scratch N’ Sniff Painting

Kindergarteners and preschoolers, join us on April 18 at 4:30 PM to make scratch and sniff paint and then get MESSY! Make sure to wear your mess-making clothes. Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.

LEGO Printmaking

Ever like to try using things in new ways? We’ll be using Legos to build PAINTINGS! On March 28 at 4:30 PM, kids in grades K-6 will stamp all sorts of Legos and do some cool challenges. Register online or Read More …

DIY Thursday: Wine Glass Painting

Adults 21 + up, join us on DIY Thursday this February 16 at 4:30 PM to paint your very own wine glass and make some new friends! Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.

After School Paint-along

Join Miss Nicole on January 24 at 4:30 PM to learn to paint a snowy owl scene in our After School Paint-along. You’ll meet some new friends and learn some fun art techniques! Grades 4-6 only. Wear clothes that are Read More …

Pumpkin Painting

people painting pumpkins

Bring your own pumpkin for a wild time painting and having fun with friends! We’ll supply the paint and brushes. This program will be held outside on October 14 at 4:30 PM (weather permitting). Families with children 0-12 years old Read More …