Self Care in Separation

This is your wellness tune-up! It’s easy to feel stuck inside right now, and not just indoors. In a time of social distancing and self-quarantine, you might feel disconnected and imbalanced within yourself. If this time can teach you anything though, it’s how to appreciate what we have and who we are. Even the little, tiniest things we may have taken for granted…even just two weeks ago. With a little focused self-care, structure and TLC things can feel a bit brighter! Here is a list of simple things you can do to care for yourself amidst this turbulent time.


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  1. Meditation or Mindfulness

Just five minutes a day makes all the difference! Fluff up a pillow and sit in silence, or pop on a guided meditation for a quick tune-up!


Some Favorite Guided Meditations:

Free Coronavirus Self-Soothing Meditation (from the Meditation Oasis podcast):


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  1. Movement

Whether you choose gentle stretching, yoga or walks, movement is integral to both physical and mental health. My weekend walks have made a world of difference when I’m feeling off! On rainy days, try a restorative 10-15 min yoga video to turn yourself around!

My Favorite Free Yoga Resource:


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  1. Tea or Coffee Routine

Keeping a regular morning routine can certainly help keep you aligned. However, my FAVORITE part of my morning routine is coffee time! Just sitting in the morning or afternoon light with a warm mug is comforting.  I prefer a French press, and I use that time to reflect while it steeps. Even just a cozy cup of tea in the evening is a perfect mood booster!

Like coffee? Watch these fun free how-to videos online:


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  1. Sun

Go get that Vitamin D! The sun not only feels nice, but it is proven to lift spirits and improve health! It’s not sunny out? Put on this relaxing audio track of a sunny morning:

My Favorite thing to do in the sun: Walk (or relax on the porch!)


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  1. Drive

Break out the car keys and go for a quick drive! It’s impossible not to feel cooped up right now, so even just a short drive with the windows down helps! Put on your favorite playlist and just GO.


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  1. Sleep

This is a given! Hit the hay and try to get 7-9 hours per night! Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day…with a positive attitude too!


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  1. Gratitudes/Journal

If you don’t write in a journal, now is a great time to start! Most people have some extra notebooks or paper laying around. Whether its bullet journaling to get structured or daily logs, writing your thoughts down empties your brain! This gives you more mental space, and your brain won’t get overwhelmed!

My favorite journal activity is taking gratitudes. Simply write down what you appreciate or are grateful for every day. Maybe 5 things per day will start to shift your perspective!


 If you don’t have any journals, try some apps for free!

Great journal apps: Diaro and Daybook

My favorite Gratitude apps:

Mood Tracker App: Daylio


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  1. Communicate

Call a family member or friend! Get fancy and use Skype, Zoom or Snapchat to see their beautiful faces! I recently played a virtual card game with friends over on the Zoom platform! You might even play Jackbox games while FaceTiming! Technology really does bring us together!


Play some online games together:


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  1. Routine

This is a big one! In times of transition, it’s hard to maintain a schedule. Try your best to design a morning routine that supports you. Have your morning joe, shower, yoga or meditate. Journal or call a loved one. Then jump into your work, or perhaps find a project that serves you and others!


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  1. Goal setting

Goal setting is my favorite tool ALWAYS, not even just now! If you set small, reachable goals every day, you will always accomplish them. It makes it much easier to anyways! Even if that goal is to finish that phase of a project, do 30 minutes of walking or thinking more positively! It can be things as broad as that. But that feeling of productivity and accomplishment will certainly lift you up!


With that, take care of yourself and enjoy the everyday!



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