Ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but never had the chance? Are you an experienced player and need more excuses to roll d20s? Play with our DM Roxanne in the Moebius Dungeon: an endless dungeons filled with traps, fights, and puzzles from different 5e-compatible books.*

On July 29 at 4:30 PM, players in grades 9-12 will participate in a level 1-5, drop-in friendly one-shot game with a few roguelike-inspired persistent elements for returning players.

The Dungeon Master will have dice and premade characters for players to use. If you’re a more experienced player, you can bring your own dice and play your own level-appropriate character. Returning players can bring their old characters.

Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.

Email Roxanne at cainr@moonlibrary.org if you need to arrive late or leave early.

This is a 3 hour program, so feel free to bring your own Cheetos & Mountain Dew or eat some of our snacks.

*This month’s Moebius Dungeon run includes elements from Dungeons & Dragons: Basic Rules, The Book of Many Things, and The Game Master’s Book of Traps, Puzzles, and Dungeons.

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