Monsters & Middle Graders

Ever wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons but never had the chance? Are you an experienced player and need more excuses to roll d20s? Play with our DM Roxanne in her 5e homebrew setting of Fensprall!

On September 20 at 4:30 PM, players in grades 5-8 will participate in this level 1, beginner-friendly adventure: The party found the missing toys and missing pets, but the monsters vanished into smoke, leading them further inland. The mysterious illness keeps spreading around Magwa Island. What is the source of the disease? How will they cope with the monsters it creates?

Register online or call 412-269-0334.

Email Roxanne at if you need to arrive late or leave early.

This is a 2 hour program, so feel free to bring your own Cheetos & Mountain Dew or eat some of our snacks.

Not available? Not in grades 5-8? Want to play more often? Complete our Dungeons & Dragons survey to express your interest in playing!

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