Hefren-Tillotson Retirement Seminar

Stepping away from full-time work, whether unexpectedly or carefully calculated, creates a series of significant financial decisions.  This Hefren-Tilllotson seminar tonight at 6:00 PM is designed to give prospective clients a sneak peek on how they can help guide you through the complicated retirement transition.

Consider attending this one-hour seminar if you find yourself:

  • Suddenly laid off or retired
  • Seeking education on retirement specific investing
  • Needing help in generating income in a tax sensitive manner from your savings
  • Worried if you have enough saved

Join us as we discuss:

  • How a holistic financial plan can take the guesswork out of retirement and changing jobs
  • Common retirement mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Investment tips on creating a retirement paycheck
  • The different ways Hefren-Tillotson works with their clients

Register online or by calling 412-633-1741.

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