Paint Tutorials with Miss Kaylea: Pastel Sky

Have you seen those TikToks of people painting those cute, cloudy skies? Have you thought to yourself “wow, wish I could do that…”? Well, it’s super easy to do if you follow this step-by-step tutorial.

What you need to paint this pastel rainbow cloudy sky:

  • Acrylic paint (White, pink, orange, yellow green, blue, purple)
  • Canvas (you can find inexpensive canvas at Walmart or the dollar store)
  • A large flat brush, medium flat brush, and round brush
  • A paper plate or paint palette


Step 1: Add paint to your palette. I put all the base colors down first (hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) and them added white paint to make them all pastel.

**Quick Tip: To make your orange more of a peach orange like mine, add some of the pastel pink!!**

Step 2: Add yellow to the middle of your canvas.


Step 3: Add orange above yellow.

Step 4: Add pink above orange.

Step 5: Go back in with yellow and lightly blend it into orange. Go back in with orange and blend it into pink. It’s okay if it’s not perfect or some canvas may be showing through…you can cover it up with clouds!!

Step 6: Flip your canvas over and add green.

Step 7: Add blue and purple.

Step 9: Blend yellow into green. Green into blue. Blue into purple.

Step 10: Let your background dry. While your background is drying, you can prepare your paints for the clouds. Basically, you’ll make slightly darker versions of these pastel colors again. So…put your base colors down first.

Then add a teeny bit of white in each color.

Cover up the paint and continue waiting for canvas to dry.

Step 11: All right!! It’s time to paint the clouds. For this you’ll need a large flat brush and a small round brush.

Take the large flat brush and a paint color. I’m starting with yellow again. Make a line across the canvas with the base color.

Step 12: Add white paint to the round brush and add it to the line. You can lay the brush down and swirl it until it fades.

Keep layering the white until the cloud is an even lighter shade of the base color.

Allow that to dry before adding any more layers of white and work on the other clouds.

Step 13: Now just add your highlights and shadows!! Use what’s left of the base paint colors to go back into the shadow of the clouds.

Go back into the white and highlight the tops of the clouds!!

I went in really hard with the highlight so I’m just gonna blend that out a bit.

That’s all it takes!! You can be done here or add some finishing touches. I’m gonna go in with some gold glitter in the yellow part of the sky and add white little diamond shapes to make it look like the sky is sparkling. I’m also adding a present wrapped to a balloon.

Don’t forget to add your signature to your cute pastel sky!!

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