Special Programs, Content, & Services Update

Our programs may be canceled, but Moon Library is still bringing literacy and fun to you. Here is our list of special programs, content, and services you can expect in the future.

In the Library

  • The library is still open for checking out and returning items, using the computers, printing, and faxing.
  • Pick up a Library On the Go pack filled with themed books and movies for adults.


  • Online programs will be posted on our website, our Facebook page, the Teen Department Facebook page, and the Children’s Department Facebook page.
  • Mondays & Thursdays
    • Online Storytime: Ms. Megan & Ms. Sarah will read picture books for your little ones.
  • Tuesdays
    • Kitchen Science: Ms. Sarah will show you easy kitchen experiments for little scientists.
  • Wednesdays
    • Goodnight, Moon Bedtime Tales: One of our staff members will read a bedtime story one evening every week.
  • Fridays
    • Art in the Afternoon: Get a quick art lesson from a staff member in this video series.

In Development

  • All ages
    • Book, movie, music, and video game recommendations
    • Cooking lessons
    • DIY tips
    • Staff pet day
  • Kids
    • At-home STEM
    • Build a Book interactive storytelling
    • Indoor dance party playlists
    • Kindergarten readiness
  • Adults
    • Guides to OverDrive, Flipster and Hoopla
    • Guides to digital research databases
    • Indoor gardening
    • Mindfulness exercises

Keep your eyes open for more updates!

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