Monday Matinee: Welcome to Marwen

Join us for a Monday Matinee on April 15 at 1 PM, when we’ll show the brand-new DVD release of the inspirational, real-life story of Welcome to Marwen (PG-13), starring Oscar nominee Steve Carell, Leslie Mann, and AAFC Award winner Janelle Monae. Did we mention that we’ll have hot popcorn and cold drinks to share while you watch the film?

Please register by calling 412-269-0334 or by reserving your seat online.

Summary: One man’s life is shattered when he finds himself the victim of a horrible attack. Once a brilliant artist, he now discovers that he can no longer create the art that he once was capable of conceptualizing. Not only that, but many of his memories have also disappeared into the abyss of his brain. However, ever the resourceful man, he finds a brilliant workaround-and an entire new world. In the land of Marwen, people are protected from evil. Creating Marwen through dolls and elaborate set-ups, the artist is now prepared for the most difficult test of his life.

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