Seed Library Open

Our Seed Library is back! We have finally finished restocking our seed starters and added new seeds to our collection.

If you aren’t familiar with the Seed Library, read our FAQ or our introductory post from last year. There have been a few minor changes since then.

  1. Instead of filling out your requested seeds on a big chart, you’ll give a staff member an individual chart.
  2. Special Edition/Limited Supply seed starters are seeds that were donated from patrons. You can request them by filling out one of the small charts. Once they are gone, they will not be restocked.
  3. We have new seeds! You can now get two different types of pepper and three different types of tomatoes from our seed library.

The Seed Library is free to everyone, but donations are appreciated. We will cover in our next post exactly what seeds we have for 2019.

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