Free Contest: Guess How Many Books Are in the Book Tree

You’ve enjoyed our book tree during the holidays. Now that the New Year celebrations are over, we’ve decided to give you one last chance to enjoy our book tree by holding a guessing contest.

Submit your guess of how many books are in our book tree by January 31. The closest 5 guesses will win a free tote bag to fill with as many books from the tree as they like!

Here are the rules:

  1. Only one guess per patron.
  2. Submit your guess by writing your number on a piece of paper along with your name and phone number. Place your guess in the clear plastic raffle box on top of the book tree.
  3. Guesses must be submitted by January 31.
  4. Our 5 winners will be notified on January 31. Winners must collect their prizes by February 3.

Here are some clues to help you with your guesses:

  1. It took 14 boxes full of books to construct the book tree.
  2. There are books hidden inside the tree to increase its stability.
  3. It is mostly made out of hardcover books.

Have fun guessing! (And don’t think you can cheat by asking one of us how many books there are. We don’t know, either.)

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