Seed Library FAQ

Now that you know how the seed library works from our previous post, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about it.

Is it free?

Yes, just like everything else at the library, the seed library is free. However, we do have a donation jar to help recoup the high up-front costs of the seed library.

Does the seed library require a library card?

The seed library does not require a library card at this time. You only need to write your name on the charts when you take or exchange seeds. (But you should probably get a library card anyway. They’re so helpful!)

How am I getting the seeds?

Individual seeds are easy to lose, so for the sake of convenience, you will receive the seeds embedded in seed starters made of coconut fiber and clay (see the featured photo for this blog). These coin-sized seed starters can be planted directly into the soil. Each seed coin is wrapped in paper and labeled so you can tell them apart.

How many seed starters can I take?

You can take as many seed starters as you like as long as you write down the number you take on the chart. Keep in mind that the seed library is first come, first served, so ask us what we currently have stocked if you have any questions.

How many seeds are in each seed starter?

Each seed starter has enough seeds to grow one plant. The specific number of seeds depends on the plant. Most seed starters have 2 seeds: one acts as a backup for the other. Some plants have lower germination rates so the seed starter will contain about 5 seeds.

What kind of seeds do you have?

We have seeds for flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Many of the plants are edible or attract pollinators. All of the plants are heirloom species, so they will produce seeds that are identical to the parent plant.

As of now (May 2018), the seeds we have available are ones that are in season or will be in the next month or so. They are:

If the seed library is popular enough, we will start stocking seeds for other plants.

Can I donate my own seeds?

Yes! When you do, fill out the seed donation chart with the date, your name, and the seeds you’re providing. Please provide additional information about your seeds such as sun requirements, watering needs, and whether it is an heirloom or a hybrid plant. This information will let us know what we are adding to the seed library and will let other patrons know how to grow it.

How can I learn more about gardening?

There are lots of ways to learn more about gardening. You can borrow a book from the Home & Garden section (Dewey Decimal numbers 635, 642-643, 684, 693-698, and 712) or attend one of our Green Thumbs DIY classes. You can also talk to the Moon Township Garden Club or to Roxanne, our Technology & Technical Services Librarian, who started our seed library.

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