Welcome to the Seed Library!

Moon Township Public Library is excited to grow our very own seed library! At first, it may seem odd that a library would provide seeds, but our collections are developed to entertain, promote well-being, and contribute to lifelong learning in all of our patrons. As part of your community, we are constantly looking for new resources and services which enrich the public. The seed library, just like our movies or computers or Playaways, is our latest way of helping you explore your interests for free.

The seed library works a bit differently than the rest of the library. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Get your seeds

Look through our Seed Catalog to see which seeds we currently have available. The Seed Catalog is a binder with planting and harvesting information for each seed we have. We also have bookmarks that summarize the catalog’s information for you take as a reference.

Fill out one of the charts labeled “Number of Seed Starters Taken” with the date, your name, and number of each type of seed you would like. Take the chart to the Circulation Desk and ask one of the clerks to retrieve the seeds for you.

Step 2: Plant your seeds

Instead of giving you individual seeds that can be easily lost, we provide you with ready-to-plant seed starters made of coconut fiber and clay. Each coin-sized seed starter has the appropriate number of seeds to grow one plant. Then, following the instructions from our seed catalog or bookmarks, sow your seeds and watch your plant grow.

Step 3: Exchange your seeds

Once your plants mature, harvest any seeds you have and separate them into sealed envelopes or Ziploc bags. Label each package so you don’t mix the seeds up. Take these packages to the library and fill out one of the charts labeled “Seeds Harvested and Donated to the Seed Library” with the date, your name, and the plant names. This seed exchange is how the “library” part of the seed library works. Since you can’t return plants the same way that you return books, you return your plant’s seeds instead.

In our next blog post we will cover some common questions about the seed library.

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