Freegal Discontinued

The county-wide library consortium has made an executive decision to discontinue the public libraries’ membership to Freegal, the downloadable music app. You will not be able to access your music stored in the app. However, you can transfer your downloaded music from your device to another digital library such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

You can still get free music through Hoopla and our CD collection.

Here are the instructions provided by eiNetwork, our digital services provider, on how to get your Freegal music now.

If still logged into the app after service has stopped, users can continue to listen to music that is still in the app. If the user logs out, or an app update forces them to log out then they will not be able to use the app to listen to their music as they will not be able to log back in. The music will still be in the app as long as they do not delete the app and they can transfer it.

The music is stored outside of the app and will not be deleted by removing the app. If the data is cleared, then the music will be lost.

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