4th & 5th Grade Battle of the Books 2018 Team Manager Information



The goal of this program is to include ALL readers, whether they be voracious or reluctant, advanced or struggling. We are hoping to nurture or spark a love of reading and promote teamwork and friendship. We encourage you and your kids to have fun with this and enjoy a non-stressful and exciting event!

*Costume contest*

For the second year, we will be holding a costume contest! Teams are encouraged to represent their group with t-shirts, costumes, props or any other creative way they can come up with! This is not mandatory. If you have any questions regarding the costume contest, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The 4th Grade Battle of the Books will be held on Monday, March 5th at the Moon Township Middle School gym.

The 5th Grade Battle of the Books will be held on Thursday, March 8th at the Moon Township Middle School gym.

The events will begin at 6:00 PM. PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 5:45 PM.

  1. Teams will be seated together in a circle. The elected team captain will be given paper and pencil to record the team response-only one student is to be responsible for recording answers.  No other books or papers are permitted during the tournament.
  2. The moderator will read each question twice. Team members will have 30 seconds to discuss and have the captain write a response on the paper. All questions will be shown on a PowerPoint presentation, as well.
  3. Both team members and audience should exercise caution when speaking aloud. If the moderator hears any answers, that question will be thrown out.  After 30 seconds, the moderator will state the correct answer.
  4. 4 points are possible for each question:


5 points:  Correct answer and author (spelling counts!)

4 points:  Correct answer;  incorrect author

1 point: Incorrect answer; correct author


Please note:  Answers are extremely specific, and they are worded in a way that most always will only have one suitable answer.  If there is an alternate answer, we will include that when the answers are revealed.  Challenges will only be expected in EXTREME circumstances.  At the end of each round, monitors may approach librarians to verify an answer, but please note that librarians make the final decision.  All questions are written by Moon Township Public Librarians.


  1. Team managers will be assigned to monitor a team other than their own. The monitor will collect and check the team answers.  They will record the score on a tally sheet which will be collected at the end of each round.  If a team has more than one manager, it must be decided in advance who will serve as monitor.  The other manager will need to sit in the bleachers and observe.
  2. 3 questions will be asked from each book-1 question per book per round.
  3. If after 3 rounds, there is a tie, only the tied teams will answer tiebreaker questions until the tie is broken.
  4. This is a long evening. No food or drink will be permitted on the tournament floor.  There is no intermission.  All audience and contestants must keep as quiet as possible during competition.  THERE ARE NO BATHROOM BREAKS.  If a student must leave for any reason, we cannot pause the competition.


Thank you so much for volunteering your time to be a Team Manager!

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