Quiplash 3

On September 28 at 8 PM, Ms. Roxanne will host the joke writing game Quiplash 3, where players compete to write the funniest quips. Watch the stream on our Twitch page, go to jackbox.tv, type in the room code from the Facebook page, then play on your phone or computer.
Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.
Each game hosts up to 8 players and lasts around 15 minutes. Non-players can participate in the Audience. We will play about 4 games.
Quiplash 3 is rated T for Teen in normal mode and E10+ (everyone 10 years & up) in Family Friendly mode. We will be playing in Family with Manual Censoring by our host, so no profanity is allowed (Slurs are never allowed, but double so in this game.)
Learn more about the game on the Jackbox website.

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