Plant Swap

Do you have mystery plants in your garden or too many seedlings? Drop off your extra greenery at the library during our plant swap this Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. It’s a leave-one, take-one no-contact botanical trade.

All plants should be labeled and placed on the tables on our back patio. If you don’t know what your plant is, write your best guess, like “Tree?” or “Succulent” on it.

Extra plants are welcome, and any which are left over on Saturday will be available to everyone first-come, first-served starting Monday, July 5. Until then, everyone who wants to take a plant must donate a plant.

Participants can also bring seeds. If you’re bringing seeds to swap, label them and put them on the swap table. If you’re bringing seeds to donate to the Seed Library, be sure to provide the plant’s information and label it “Seed Library Donation”. (Write your name on the seeds, too, if you want receive credit for them in the seed catalog.)

Register online or by calling 412-269-0334.

2 thoughts on “Plant Swap”

  1. I think I missed this seed and plant swap event, but I’d like to participate again. Do you guys host one every year? It’s amazing that you guys put on such a cool thing. What a great community building and earth loving spirit. Bravo.

    1. We are planning on doing another swap next month, along with any fruit or food products patrons made with their seeds.

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