COVID-19 Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

  • Chloroquine and hydroxycholorquine are not verified treatments for the virus. (Source)
  • Ingesting bleach is not a treatment for the virus. Bleach is a poison, so contact Poison Control if anybody ingests it. (Source)
  • People who catch and recover from COVID-19 are not immune to it and can catch it again. (Source)
  • The virus did not originate from proximity to 5G wireless internet towers. (Source)
  • No racial groups are genetically at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. People of color are higher risk for contracting the virus than white people because socioeconomic conditions, such as food insecurity and access to healthcare, amplify risk factors. (Source)
  • Ingesting “immunity boosting” products like kombucha, Vitamin C, cayenne pepper, and green tea will not decrease your risk for contracting the virus. (Source)
  • It is extremely unlikely that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory. Its genes have no signs of human manipulation. (Source)
  • Warmer or sunnier weather will not kill the virus. (Source)
  • There were never COVID-01 through COVID-18 viruses. COVID-19 refers to the year it was identified: 2019.
  • The flu shot will not work as a vaccine for COVID-19. Regardless, it is a good idea to get your flu shot so you are less likely to weaken your immune system by contracting influenza.
  • Although COVID-19 was first identified in China, people of East Asian descent are not at higher risk for carrying the disease.

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