Quarantine Family Challenge

In an effort to help local businesses and promote community engagement, we are going to be posting weekly activities, such as reading challenges and Quarantine Bingo, for you to complete and win gift cards to local restaurants.

Here are our first set of challenges:

  1. Take a picture of 5 things in your yard
  2. Perform a family dance routine
  3. Watch a movie and write a family review
  4. Complete a family art project
  5. Play a game of charades
  6. Read a book and write a family review
  7. Make a blanket fort
  8. Try out a new recipe
  9. Take a family walk

Complete each step and email Miss Megan or send her a message on Facebook with documentation of your completed challenges before noon on Friday, April 10 and you will be entered to win a gift card to a local restaurant.

Please let Miss Megan know if it is okay to share your things on our social media.

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