Streaming in a Quarantine: A Cozy British Collection

Good day, Moon Township! If you are a fellow anglophile, take a gander at the list I’ve compiled of some of my favorite British series and film. Over the years I’ve made a point of watching as much English television as humanly possible. I still have some work to do, but I think some of those gems have been highlighted right here! So pop on the kettle for a cuppa, get cozy in your flat, and turn on that telly!


Crazy Sitcoms

  1. The It Crowd (Netflix)

An off-beat super silly show about a three person IT department! Join Moss and Roy as their mundane tasks go wonky!

  1. Miranda (Hulu)

One of the funniest shows I have ever watched! Join extraordinarily normal Miranda as she navigates her everyday life. Complete with crazy friends, family and love, Miranda cannot keep herself out of trouble. This show is a great laugh-out-loud comedy sitcom, filled with Miranda Hart’s excellent comic talents.

  1. W1A (Netflix)

A wacky office comedy a la The Office! Visit a video broadcasting channel headquarters and witness the odd, hilarious problems they encounter! Starring Mr. Grantham himself, Hugh Bonneville.

  1. Black Books (Hulu)

Join quirky book shop owner Bernard as he gets into all sorts of problems. He hates customers and only keeps company with his eccentric friend Manny. His boldly cynical nature will keep you laughing throughout the three series run!


Sci-Fi and Magical Flair

  1. Doctor Who (HBO Max)

Who hasn’t heard of Doctor Who?! Visit other planets, times, and places with the Doctor and his companions. This show is an excellent way to get out of your head and into the quirky world of The Doctor!

  1. Primeval (Hulu)

My favorite sci-fi series of all time! Watch as dinosaurs start popping up all over the place! Join the team as they fight to get the dinos back where they belong. Filled with action and adventure all along the way, this is a great show to get lost in!

  1. Merlin (Netflix)

Visit the Arthurian tales once again with Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere! This adventuresome series is filled with comedy and lighthearted moments, but also dark magic and thrills.



  1. Vexed (Netflix)

A great comic police show! Join Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch as two police partners who have an incredibly magnetic love hate relationship. Very lighthearted, with bits of thrill!

  1. Lovesick (Netflix)

A fresh young dramedy about four friends and the pains of life. This show is complete with a wonderful romantic storyline, and quirky issues.


Period Pieces a la Austen and Dickens

  1. Upstairs Downstairs (Amazon Prime via PBS)

Love Downton Abbey? You’ll love this predecessor and it’s reboot! Join the family and their help and all the intricacies involved!

  1. Sense and Sensibility (2008 Mini Series; Amazon Prime)

The reason I love period dramas! I saw this adaptation when I was just sixteen, and I’ve loved it since. The classic Jane Austen story about love, family, and issues of circumstance!

  1. Sanditon (Amazon Prime via PBS)

Love Jane Austen? Revisit her unfinished novel in all it’s glory! No spoilers!

  1. Little Dorrit (Amazon Prime)

Who doesn’t love a little dark Dickensian charm? Based on Dickens’ periodical, this story follows a young girl in a small town. It’s filled with debtor’s prisons, rich neighbors, and dapper men.


Cozy Shows…

  1. Doc Martin (Hulu and AcornTV)

A cozy medical comedy show of sorts! The quite bitter Doc moves to a quaint little village. He soon discovers everyone is in everybody else’s business. Watch him grow and treat the village and their loveable folk!

  1. QI (BritBox and AcornTV)

One of my favorite quiz shows! Join former host Stephen Fry as he quizzes celebrity quests on themed questions. It remarkably smart and very funny!

  1. Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

A great warm show to watch with the family! Join contestants as they create themed bakes. The hosts are a riot, and the contestants manage to have some fun along the way!

  1. Call the Midwife (Amazon Prime)

Join a small group of midwives in depressed England. This show is filled with beautiful moments and quite some drama!


Ludicrously Hilarious

  1. Travels with my Father (Netflix)

British comedian Jack Whitehall has always wanted to take a trip with his crabby father. Watch as he drags his father around the world, moaning and groaning. This is an uproariously funny reality show that will have you grinning all along.

  1. Travel Man (Hulu)

Join the fabulously awkward Richard Ayoade as he hesitantly travels the world. With a new guest every episode, he explores culture, food, and more in exotic locations!



  1. Sherlock (Netflix)

I’m sure most of you know this one. If you don’t, what are you waiting for? Each episode is basically a feature length film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The writers transported Sherlock and Watson to modern day, and it’s addicting!

  1. Broadchurch (Netflix)

This solemn murder, crime show begins with the murder of a young boy. The wildly troubled Detective Hardy and his partner investigate everyone throughout the town, leaving no leaf left unturned. Trust no one!


  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Netflix)
  • Mansfield Park (Netflix)
  • Lady in the Van (Amazon Prime from $2.99)
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Amazon Prime from $3.99)
  • Emma (2020; will be released at the end of March for streaming rental. Costly, but an excellent adaptation!)

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Office (Amazon Prime and Netflix)
  • The Mighty Boosh (Hulu)
  • Downton Abbey (Amazon Prime)
  • Torchwood (Seasons available for purchase. Available on Amazon Prime)
  • Gavin and Stacey (Hulu)
  • Fresh Meat (Hulu)
  • Jane Eyre (Hulu)


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