June 2019 Featured 3D Prints

Our 3D printer, Mary Shelley, has been at our library for over a month and is ready to share her creations. Each month, we will provide some Featured Prints for you to buy or order from the library.

June’s Featured Prints are about the beginning of summer.

For sale at the desk

Bubble wands by Electrodes & Ink and Penolopy Bulnick

Price: $1 + tax


Oceanic, dinosaur, and cat keychains by Fusion Solution, MakerBot, and PUR3D

Price: $1 + tax


Oceanic, dinosaur, and cat charms by Fusion Solution, MakerBot, and PUR3D

Price: $0.50 + tax


June’s featured prints are about the beginning of beach season. We have a bunch of sea creatures which we can make on order. Here are a few.

Fish Bone by Centaur Design


This fish bone can work as a keychain or an earbud organizer.

Time: 19 minutes, Price: $1 + tax


Mini Octopus by McGuyBeer

This is an articulated print, which means it is printed as a solid object with the joints already in place. Then, you remove the octopus and crack the tentacles until they move freely.

Time: 2 hours + 26 minutes, Price: $5 + tax


Great White Skull by MakerBot

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, this Great White shark skull emerges from the deep. This print is made in multiple parts and then assembled later, so you have the option to print the jaws and teeth with or without the face cartilage (printed in orange in this picture). Just like the Great White itself, this is a monster of a print, requiring days of constant printing for it to finish.

Time: 2 days + 9 hours + 52 minutes, Price: $116 + tax

See the entire featured prints list online or at our circulation desk. Order your favorites by filling out a paper form or the online form. Prints are $2 per hour (rounded to the nearest half hour) + tax.



Due to intellectual property law, there are certain prints we cannot sell. The good news is that we can give them away as prizes. Kids who complete their summer reading worksheets will have a chance to win 3D printed miniatures and keychains in our claw machine. Can you spot them?

Designs by 2c2know, Brandon Cessna, Flowalistik, FORMBYTE, and Nathan von Minden

Find out more about 3D printing at Moon by reading our FAQ.

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