Monday Matinee: The Upside

The Upside

Join us for a Monday Matinee on June 10 at 1 PM, when we’ll show the brand-new DVD release of the movie The Upside (PG-13) based on the real-life story of quadriplegic Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and the friendship he developed with his caretaker Abdel Sellou. Did we mention that we’ll have hot popcorn and cold drinks to share while you watch the film?

Please register by calling 412-269-0334 or by reserving your seat online.

Summary: A rich man from the Upper East Side is a paraplegic who relies on a wheelchair and caretaker to have any type of a decent life. He has reached a point where he has thoughts about giving up. Some think he has a death wish. His assistant, Yvonne, helps set him up with a new caretaker. Dell, divorced and down on his luck after being released from a prison sentence, had merely hoped to make his parole officer happy with this new job. As the two men learn more about each other, an unlikely friendship blooms that brings purpose to both of their depressing lives.

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