Monday Matinee: Mary, Queen of Scots

Join us for a Monday Matinee on May 13 at 1 PM, when we’ll show the brand-new DVD release of the movie based on the real-life friendship and rivalry of Mary Queen of Scots & Elizabeth I, this historical drama features gorgeous costumes, breathtaking landscapes, and a history lesson that won’t be forgotten. Did we mention that we’ll have hot popcorn and cold drinks to share while you watch the film?

Please register by calling 412-269-0334 or by reserving your seat online.

Summary: Two of the most famous queens in all of history were more than just friends, they were bound by something more and became sisters in a way. In the time of male rulers in Great Britain, two women were to become leaders of their people. But only one crown was reserved for the monarchy of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots show in this action and drama filled movie, how the actions of one would effect the other in world where men almost always reigned and what would eventually be one the greatest known rivalries.

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