Guess How Many Books Are in the Book Tree Contest Winners

Our guessing contest has ended! Thank you to the dozens of people who submitted guesses for the How Many Books Are in the Book Tree contest. The submissions were as low as 80 books and as high as 2433 books. How close did you get? These are the top 10 guesses.

10. Deanna: 463 books

9. Ethan: 462 books

8. Simon: 460 books

7. Carmela: 421 books

6. Elsie: 425 books

Now, our top 5, who get first dibs on a free tote bag of books are…

5. Sandy: 454 books

4. William: 427 books

3. Rob: 429 books

2. Heather: 450 books

And our top guess came from 1. Carlos, who guessed 443 books!

The actual number? 440 books! Wow, Carlos, you were only 3 off.

Congratulations to our winners! We have contacted the top 5 winners who will be able to take home a free tote bag to fill with books from our now-disassembled book tree.

Thank you for participating!

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