Children’s Choice Book Awards 2018: 5-6th Grade

We want you to vote for your favorite books for the Children’s Choice Book Awards! Here are the summaries for the 5-6th grade finalists. You can vote online or if you write your name on the back of your paper ballot, you have a chance to win a book from the Children’s Department!

Disaster Diaries: Spiders! by R. McGeddon (Ages 10-12)

How do you survive an encounter with a 6-foot tall spider? 1) Run away screaming 2) Try to pet it 3) Ask it nicely to spin you a silk dress Find out in the fifth installment of this silly series, when Sam, Arty, and Emmie save the town of Sitting Duck from another disaster! New student Felicia Forester quickly becomes the star of science class! But she secretly runs dangerous science experiments that soon have the entire town completely overrun with giant, human-eating spiders! To make matters even worse, spiders are Sam’s greatest fear. Emmie and Arty must help him overcome his phobia to face the eight-legged crawlies—or their town will be totally infested!

Finding Mighty by Sheela Chari (Ages 10-12)

Along the train lines north of New York City, twelve-year-old neighbors Myla and Peter search for the link between Myla’s necklace and the disappearance of Peter’s brother, Randall. Thrown into a world of parkour, graffiti, and diamond-smuggling, Myla and Peter encounter a band of thugs who are after the same thing as Randall. Can Myla and Peter find Randall before it’s too late, and their shared family secrets threaten to destroy them all?

The Losers Club by Andrew Clements (Ages 8 & up)

Alec can’t put a good book down. So when Principal Vance lays down the law–pay attention in class, or else–Alec takes action. To make sure he doesn’t lose his reading time, he starts a new club during After School–The Losers Club. A club he intends to be the only member of. Afterall, reading isn’t a team sport. And no would join a club called the Losers Club, right? But when more and more kids find their way to the Losers Club, including the former friend who’s been bullying Alec and the girl Alec kind of likes, Alec notices something. Real life may be messier than the books he loves, but if your nose is always buried in a book, you might just be missing out on the greatest story never written­–your own!

Malala: Activist for Girls’ Education by Aurelia Fronty (Ages 6-9)

Malala Yousafzai stood up to the Taliban and fought for the right for all girls to receive an education. When she was just fifteen-years-old, the Taliban attempted to kill Malala, but even this did not stop her activism. At age eighteen Malala became the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work to ensure the education of all children around the world.

This Is Just a Test by Wendy Wan-Long Shang & Madelyn Rosenberg (Ages 10-12)

David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. He would have enough to do preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah even if the planning didn’t involve trying to please both his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. They even have a cook-off battle of the latkes. But David just wants everyone to be happy. That includes his friend Scott, who is determined to win their upcoming trivia tournament but doesn’t like their teammate — and David’s best friend — Hector. Scott and David begin digging a fallout shelter just in case this Cold War stuff with Russia turns south, but David’s not so convinced he wants to spend forever in an underground bunker with Scott anymore. Maybe it would be better if Hector and Kelli Ann came with them. But that would mean David has to figure out how to stand up for Hector and talk to Kelli Ann first. Some days, surviving nuclear war feels like the least of David’s problems.

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