Children’s Choice Book Awards 2018: K-2nd Grade

We want you to vote for your favorite books for the Children’s Choice Book Awards! Here are the summaries for the K-2nd grade finalists. You can vote online or if you write your name on the back of your paper ballot, you have a chance to win a book from the Children’s Department!

Billy Bloo is Stuck in Goo by Jennifer Hamburg (Ages 5-8)

Billy Bloo is stuck in goo. Who will help him, tell me who? Who’ll unstick him from this goo? Would you? With madcap mania, a troupe of merry volunteers attempt to rescue poor Billy Bloo, only to find themselves stuck in goo too! Oh, what to do?

Books that Drive Kids Crazy: Did You Take the B from My _ook? by Beck and Matt Stanton (Ages 5-8)

Did You Take the B from My _ook? is missing one very important letter due to one very powerful sneeze! Now, the _eetle wearing _lue _oots is _ouncing on the bed instead of wearing blue boots and bouncing on the bed…and it just gets sillier from there! What is up with this nonsense? Kids will demand to know–and all readers will be howling with laughter all along the way.

Pete with no Pants by Rowboat Watkins (Ages 5-8)

Meet Pete. Pete is gray. He’s round. And he’s not wearing any pants. So Pete must be a boulder. Or is he a pigeon? Or a squirrel? Or a cloud? Join Pete in his quest to answer the world’s oldest question: Why do I have to wear pants? Wait, that’s the second oldest.

Poor Louie by Tony Fucile (Ages 5-8)

Louie’s life is great! A walk on the leash every morning, ice cream on Sundays, snuggling in bed at night with Mom and Dad. Even the playdates with Mom’s friends — despite their little crawling creatures who pull Louie’s ears — aren’t all that bad. But then things get weird: cold food on the floor, no room in the bed, and lots of new stuff coming into the house in pairs — two small beds, two little sweaters, two seats in the stroller. Does that bode double trouble ahead, or could there be a happier surprise in store for Louie?

This Book Will Not Be Fun by Cirocco Dunlap (Ages 5-8)

A mouse who acts as a careful custodian of his book tries to guarantee his reader some peace and order in spite of escalating chaos. A book is no place for tomfoolery, and this mouse assures us that his book is to be no exception. Just please ignore that Word-Eating Flying Whale, and—oh, no, the lights have gone out. Wait, what is THAT?! Nothing to fear. Everything is under control…

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