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Confidentiality of Library Patron Records Policy:

(Adopted August 21, 2007)

1.  The Board of Trustees and the administration of Moon Township Public Library specifically recognize that library records and patron information are confidential in accordance with Pennsylvania law: 24 Pa. Cons. Stat. Sec. 4428.

2.  The Board of Trustees supports the concept of intellectual freedom and the right of each citizen, regardless of age, to free access to information without fear of intimidation or recrimination.

3.   Further, the Board of Trustees supports the American Library Association's Library Code of Ethics, Section III:

  • "We protect each Library user's right to privacy and confidentially with respect to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted."

4.  In all instances and regardless of circumstances, Moon Township Public Library safeguards access to patron library records and restricts access to that information to only the patron who owns the library card and provides that card or to the parent/legal guardian of a minor child with the stipulations and exceptions specified below in section 7.

5.  No patron records will be made available to federal, state or local law enforcement agencies except by a court order as required by law.

  • 5.1  Court orders from law enforcement officers will be referred to the library director who will seek legal council. Other library employees will not provide any patron records to law enforcement agencies under any circumstances.
  • 5.2  The library will take appropriate action as is necessary to determine that any court order or process issued by any court or pursuant to any court rule or any agency of government requires that such records be made available.

6.  The library advises all employees, volunteers, and patrons that all library records that contain names and other personal details regarding the users of the library are confidential.

  • 6.1  When library employees or volunteers speak either in person or on the telephone to anybody other than the patron, or to a person who cannot produce their library card number and provide other identification, information regarding

    • Items checked out
    • Items overdue
    • Fines
    • Holds on items
    will be restricted to information that does not reveal the content, such as number of items checked out or figures owed for fines. Addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information from patron records will not be given out under the above circumstances.

7.  A child's library record has the same confidentiality protection under library policy as that of any other library patron with the following exceptions:

  • 7.1   Parents/legal guardians are permitted access to the records of their minor children through the age of seventeen (17). The parent/legal guardian must be accompanied by the child, provide the child's library card, and/or provide other acceptable identification. In the case of telephone inquiries, verification of the child's address, telephone number, and date of birth are required.
  • 7.2  Parents/legal guardians who have signed their minor child's applications have assumed financial responsibility for materials checked out to their children's cards; therefore, parents/legal guardians will be provided specific information about their minor children's library records when materials are overdue or lost.

8.  No patron may use this policy to steal library materials. In accordance with Library Act 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. Sec 3929.1:

  • In the event of theft, the library will release to the appropriate law enforcement officers the relevant patron records, including the name and address of the person committing the theft and a list of materials stolen with the replacement costs.

9.  All patrons are required to read and sign the patron agreement that is printed on all library card registration forms.

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Last Updated: October 14, 2007

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